Cody Rhodes asked for his release from WWE



The notice of Cody Rhodes asking for his release from WWE was the strongest shot i got hit in those years as a pro-wrestling fan, this week`s after Wade Barret and Damien Sandown were given their walk always papers, and don`t get-me wrong i loved those guys too, but Cody got more going for him than the famous artistic name, the son of Dustin Rhodes and brother of Goldust had more than sheer charisma or in-ring ability, some wrestlers are good at playing the baby-face, some are good at playing the heel, Cody was a rare talent that was good at playing every-character that they  throw at him, and playing with the mastery of a veteran, from Dashing Cody Rhodes, from a man with a broken face to StarDust, every character was played with perfection.

And his in-ring ability wasn`t something to be looked down, several wrestlers are genius on the squared circle but can`t play a character, or some are good at playing a character but lack the wrestling ability to entertain the masses when telling a story on the canvas, Cody is the complete package, just watch his match`s with Christian at WWE Over the Limit , and see Cody hold his own with one of the greatest performers to ever set the foot on a ring, or his matches with two other great veterans against Rey Mysterio or Big Show,.

I don`t know what made Cody choose to walk away, and as a wrestling fan i wish that he had stayed on the rooster. Maybe he is gonna set a new career on movies.If so i just have to wish him lucky, and say thank you for all the great memories.



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