One Championship offering $500 PM for the best fan made promo video.

Yes you read that right!! One Championships instead of attempting to prosecute their hardcore and most dedicated fans for making video promos, they are encouraging it, putting up cash and raw materials to mould.

So if you like to dabble in the murky waters of Adobe, Sony Vegas, I movie or Avid  and you think your pretty good, then check out the competition and get your self in for a chance to win $500 each month.


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Greetings, fellow MMA fans.

For years I made MMA highlight reels on youtube under the moniker “Flywin Media” as well as “FlyWin Evolutions.” It was a great time for me as an editor, getting to hone my craft and have my work shared and appreciated by some of the biggest names in all of MMA.

Like many of the MMA video editors here on reddit, my account would usually get taken down for copyright infringement, despite not gaining anything from my edits monetarily. I’m sure all you other MMA editors can agree that making highlights for MMA is one of the biggest rushes/exciting experiences in the realm of editing, as it usually gets appreciated and shared by many fighters and is always beloved on social media. Getting this kind of appreciation can also be a gateway to future employment with a major MMA promotion as well.

Anyway, getting to my story and the whole point of this thread…

A year and a half ago I contacted ONE Championship, applying for a video editing job in their promotion. I always liked their brand and how they carried themselves as a young upstart fight org. After getting in contact with management I was given an opportunity to edit a trial hype video to see if I was worthy of what they were looking for. I passed the test with flying colors and was then made an offer to move out to Singapore (where the company is based) to start working for them. On about 5 days notice, I departed Canada to start an incredible journey that has since continued to this day. I’ve grown ten-fold as a video editor, fine-tuning my passion and getting a chance to express myself without the fear of my work being taken down.

Recently at ONE, we thought it would be a great opportunity to encourage editors in the reddit community to use our content for fan made videos.

So moving forward we are going to be starting a monthly contest for all MMA highlight editors on Reddit, to edit a ONE Championship related highlight. The prize will be $500 USD, that will be awarded to the winner after the votes are tallied.

How it works:

For the first contest I have attached footage below of some of our most exciting KO/TKO finishes in ONE Championship history. You can do your own part to download the footage from there. The footage includes clips of the fighters’ entrances/celebrations as well as crowd shots toward the end. You can get creative and edit the footage however you would like. There are no limitations here.

You can also feel free to use any music you want, though be weary of using popular commercial music as that stuff will usually get blocked in certain countries or taken down all together. I would recommend looking into producers like Epic Score, X Ray Dog, Future World Music, Sub Pub Music, Immediate Music, Two Steps from Hell…stuff that most MMA editors on youtube are partial to using anyway.

The contest starts right now and editors will have until Midnight Feb 1 to finish their video. (Eastern standard time) Effective Feb 1, a new post will be created where the video editors who participated will post their highlight via youtube. From there, users can view and vote on all of the submissions. The voting will commence then and go until midnight February 8. (EST)

The editor who received the most amount of votes during that time period will take home the the prize of $500 USD and will then be contacted directly to have the funds wired to them.

This first contest is now late in the month but moving forward we plan on kicking off our contests at the beginning of the month and spanning to the last week of the month. Also, each month we will have a slightly different theme.

Have fun and may the best editor win!




Hell yeah .

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