The future of MMA is Hydrated!!

Under the package, CSAC will now have the ability to collect urine samples from fighters for specific gravity tests, which detect proper hydration. If a fighter cannot pass that test, he or she will be given two to three hours to properly hydrate. If he or she still cannot pass the specific gravity test, the bout will be off. If severe dehydration is verified by a physician, CSAC now has the ability to not approve a fighter to compete in that weight class in the future.

Everyone should be following in the steps of ONE FC, however this is CSAC which only holds authority over Californian MMA. It looks like there could be a two tiered weigh class system based on hydration ie those fighters scheduled to fight in California will have to bump up a weight class and I am guessing would then return to there ‘normal’ dehydrated weight class for competition outside California.

Alternatively the UFC and other major brands for the meantime, well until a uniform decision across the sport is concluded, may just avoid the state completely.

Interesting times ahead.

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