Warriors of Shaolin – Photo Series

The mighty Shaolin Warrior is known through out the world and venerated by many as the ultimate warrior. A strange fusion of Buddhism, combined with a lifelong dedication to extreme full time martial arts practices, produces extraordinary results.


Bodies and minds are tempered through years of rigorous training! Think of the possibilities,  Shaolin training  and commitment adapted and or combined with modern day MMA techniques, drills and competition. The future is in front of us!


shaolin-monks-training-1 shaolin-monks-training-2 shaolin-monks-training-3 shaolin-monks-training-4 shaolin-monks-training-5 shaolin-monks-training-6 shaolin-monks-training-7 shaolin-monks-training-8 shaolin-monks-training-9 shaolin-monks-training-10 shaolin-monks-training-11 shaolin-monks-training-12 shaolin-monks-training-13 shaolin-monks-training-14 shaolin-monks-training-15 shaolin-monks-training-16 shaolin-monks-training-17 shaolin-monks-training-18


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