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From all the colorful characters that have put their feet on the canvas of the MMA world, the Diaz Brothers are certainly two of the most beloved fighters.Fans know that their fights are gonna be exiting and their interviews will be sources of quotes that will last forever.

Nate Diaz is the younger brother of the most famous Nick Diaz, as his older brother, Nate is a very talented fighter, a exiting striker with a extremely good ground-game and pure toughness. Nate has cemented his way on mma history and has found his place at the sun, even before last saturday fight. With a cartel that spots victories against the likes of former Pride champion Takanori Gomi and Donald Cerrone.

Last saturday Nate fought the current UFC Feather-weight champ Conor Mcgregor. Since current UFC Light-weight champion Rafel dos Anjos broke his foot on training, Nate was called to save the main-event.

The fight wasn`t for the title and Mcgregor accepted to fight of his weight class, but bout man weight very close with only one pound in favor of Nate.

Mcgregor started the first round dominating the fight, but Nate natural toughness and refusal to go out without firing back started to take the toil on Conor cardio, Mcgregor fired everything he got, but that wasn`t enough to put Nate alway.

On the second round a more warmed up Nate found his pace and brought Mcgregor to a brawl, very bad idea to do when the person standing with you is the Stockton Joe Armstrong itself, Nate hit Mcgregor with a punch and the champion tries a sloppy double leg on the Cesar Gracies black-belt, that`s was Conor ending. If there`s is a thing that a Diaz loves more than ninjas and nunchucks, is jiu-jitsu.


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