BJJ Match Study: Gordon Ryan vs Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu – Ayrshire Grappler

BJJ Match Study

:Gordon Ryan vs Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu  – (DDS feat. JRE)

The Ayrshire Grappler makes the best BJJ (Brazilian Jiujitsu ) instructional match studies to be found anywhere online.  Check out and subscribe to his excellent Youtube channel here

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BJJ Match Study: Gordon Ryan vs Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu

Below is the blurb direct from the Ayrshire Grappler Youtube video description and then the video. Enjoy.

BJJ Match Study: Gordon Ryan vs Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu

Event: ADCC Weight Class: Open Weight Stage: Opening Round

Date: 2017

Original Source Footage owned by Flo Grappling –

Original Source Footage #2 – ADCC 2017 – Gordon Ryan vs Dillon Danis – uploaded by Grappling/BJJ/Wrestling –

Original Source Footage #3 – Knee slide to inside sankaku & Texas clover leaf – uploaded by Alberto Serrano BJJ –

Music Track – Kool Keith & The Gang – Poppa Fresh uploaded by Kool Keith & The Gang –

Video Game Assets: Ryu vs Zangief Street Fighter 2 (Super Nintendo)


  • Arm Submissions (15)
  • Back (6)
  • BJJ Match Study (1)
  • Choke Submissions (8)
  • Drills (1)
  • Escapes & Counters (8)
  • Grappling (10)
  • Grappling Grips (1)
  • Grappling Wisdom (6)
  • Guard (3)
  • Leg Submissions (17)
  • Position Control (5)
  • Side Control (9)
  • Take downs (11)
  • Uncategorized (1)

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