Grappling Dummy 101


Grappling Dummy

It is that time of the years when your going through old clothes, ripped but treasured t shirts, worn out socks etc. Through them in the bin, donate to charity ( The good stuff ayet) or make a wrestling/grappling dummy to complement your heavy addiction to youtube grappling university.

I chose the later and so should you!!

The first time I seen a home made grappling dummy was at Punisher Kickboxing Academy in Rutherglen Scotland. , one year later I have my own.

The plan

Make a life size Grappling dummy to wrastle with , try out movements and drill the basics on. I am not attempting to replace a live training partner!! hahaha


There is a lot of really cool articles, how 2s, tutorials etc online. Some grappling dummies have articulating joints, constructed with cables, pullys, bungee cords, plumbing pipes and wooden blocks.

I looked at what was commercially available and almost all of them even up to police and fire training dummies where just a human shaped bags that were to be stuffed with rags etc. Ie They sell you the outline and you stuff it!! The outline is a hoodie and a pair of trousers!!

Hence my research resulted in the simplest solution I could find, which was essentially the first grappling dummy I seen. The one at PKA.

The construction

1 x Hoodie – I used my well worn Westcoast MMA hoddie to give my dummy some extra power 🙂

1 x trousers

1 x socks

1x shoes optional (I wanted functional leg and heel hooks!! )

4 x roles strong duck tape

Lots of old clothes, plastic backs, cushions and what ever else you have to stuff it.


The hooded top and trousers give your dummy the structure you need. Stuff the top torso and hood. I rolled lots of clothing into arm like sausages and forced these appendages into the sleeves and trousers. I then filled any additional space with plastic bags, clothing etc.


To attach the shoes , I put a socks over the shoes and then pulled the sock up over the ankle.

From here I covered the dummy in a shed load of tape. I used big connecting lines from the crotch to the shoulders to anchor and strengthen the connection between the hoodie and trousers. Evidently I pulled the hoodie over the trousers to create a small over lap before tapping.


After 4 rolls of tape , I wrestled with it a pulling hard on the legs, arms and neck looking for any gaps in the tape that emerged and then covering these up with additional tape.


Finally I fired on a pair of shorts and a rash guard.

I now have a basic Grappling dummy that I can perform basic drills, run through submissions, positions etc. The more time on the mat (dummy) the better I am going to get.


Dummy Hack 101 🙂


and have fun building yours.

Master Wang

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