The ICE MAN has arrived – The future of MMA is here!

Wim Hof is known internationally as the “Ice Man”, you may never of heard of him, but you have probably heard of his feats of endurance and almost super human achievement. Wim Hof is a Dutch man who holds over twenty world records, all of them being truly amazing! Like running up Everest and Kilimanjaro in his underwear, running a marathon in the Arctic circle in -20C, again in only his shorts. Swimming over 57 metres under the frozen ice, keeping his core temperature constant whilst submerged in an ice bath for over 1 hr and 50 minutes! Interestingly enough he has not shied away from calls to replicate his feats under laboratory conditions, in fact he has embraced them and squashed the sceptics and nae sayers at every turn.


The most amazing thing about the HOF is not his amazing feats, or multiple world records , it is his no bullshit honesty that he is just like you and me, and with the correct training, you and I can be just like him, almost SUPER HUMAN.

For many years I have followed the Hof, fascinated by his mix of hybrid Tibetan Buddhist breathing techniques like “Tummo”, cold training, adrenaline response training, immune system training etc everything needed to consciously effect the Autonomic Nervous System. To me he has been for years, the European version of some extreme chi gong, Shaolin Master that talked without any mysticism , babble or rhetoric.

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Why has some one within the MMA community never employed the Hoff to teach them his techniques and inner secrets, this level of mind and body control is the true future of MMA and the rebirth of the legendary Martial Arts Masters of times immortal.

Step forward fellow Dutch man and top tier Heavy weight Aleister Overeem. In the latest countdown video promoting his upcoming Heavyweight showdown with former champion Junior Do Santos, we see that Overeem has sought out the help of the ICE Man.

As it stands the Dutch heavy weight is an accomplished striker (K1 Champ) and grappler with some of the finest accolades and experience in the HW game. It has been well discussed and deliberated online amongst many a keyboard warrior, that Overeems weakness if any, is his mind. Dos Santos seems to make reference to this in the countdown show, in his repetition of the fact that he himself “never quits” , emphasizing that he believes Overeem will be the one to quit, that he is a quitter and when the going gets tough the Reem will break.

overeem traing

Now if this was a genuine weakness of Overeem , no one gets to the top of this sport being weak in MIND, but if he was weak of mind!! It would possibly be the best decision of his extensive career to bring into his camp the amazing Wim Hof, for there are few people on this earth that can do what he does, and even fewer that have took their incredible achievements, and turned them into a standardised formula that can be taught and replicated by dedicated students.

Come fight night we will see if the Hofs unique techniques have given the Reem the mental edge he needs to take the unbreakable will of Junior Dos Santos to the line.

No mater what comes, this heavyweight bout between two of the best and hardest hitters in the game, should be an exciting , explosive bout.

The bout takes place at UFC Fight Night Dec 19th Orlando Florida.

From 24 minutes for the Wim Hof section.

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